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Using A Tax Agent or Tax Preparer

Adding an agent for your TAMIS account

You can add a tax agent/preparer when registering for your TIN in TAMIS or your agent can be added later by logging on to your TAMIS account and selecting Update Details

What it means to have an agent

A tax agent or tax preparer is an individual or business that specializes in preparing and filing Income Tax on your behalf.

  • Your tax agent will have your TIN and access to your TAMIS account.
  • They  can submit claims on your behalf
  • You can authorize them to receive refunds on your behalf

Removing an agent and updating bank details

If you no longer wish to have an agent acting on your behalf, you must remove them from your account.

Your responsibilities

  • You remain ultimately responsible under the tax law of Barbados for any claims, declarations, or returns made on your behalf.
  • Incorrect claims or returns may be subject to penalties
  • You must provide your agent with the necessary documentation to support any claims or allowances.
  • You must declare all sources of income to your agent