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Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

What is a TIN

Your TIN is a unique 13 digit identification number, issued and used by the Barbados Revenue Authority or BRA, in the administration of taxes.

Your TIN must be used when:

  • Filing your tax returns;
  • Claiming a tax credit

How do I get my TIN?

You are required to register online for your TIN. You can go to the Tax Administration Management Information System or TAMIS, at and register for an online an account by following the step by step guide here

Things you will need for registration.

  • An email address which you MUST have access to.
  • National Registration Number
  • Bank account or Credit Union details
  • Tax agent or Account’s TIN (optional)

Who should get a TIN?

All employed persons including charities, businesses, companies, trade unions, and government institutions are required to file taxes and are therefore required to have a TIN.