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Employers Responsible for Employee TINs for Monthly PAYE

(Bridgetown, February 22, 2019) The Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) is advising employers that they are responsible for acquiring the Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) of their employees and for ensuring they have all relevant information when submitting monthly PAYE returns in the Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS).

Employers should also note that monthly PAYE returns are similar to the PAYE Reconciliation return with information akin to that of the TD5 slips in the previous ETAX system. A breakdown for each employee showing TINs, names, total remuneration before deductions, income tax deducted, travelling, basic monthly salary and other pertinent information is required. Please note that only valid TAMIS TINs can be used.

When filing the monthly PAYE return, employers can either utilise the e-filing web form option or the bulk e-filing option on the TAMIS website, For bulk e-filing, persons are required to either use the BRA’s Excel template for monthly PAYE or XML Schema, both of which are available on the BRA’s website