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Press Releases


Taxpayers now have until May 31 to file personal income tax for 2018 and to make their requisite tax payments.

The Barbados Revenue Authority has deferred the cut-off date for filing in response to entities in both the public and private sector, indicating issues they have been experiencing with uploading requisite information in TAMIS. This limits individuals being able to file.

The Authority is working with these entities to ensure that their information is uploaded expediently, in order to facilitate the amended deadline.

“With any changeover over to a new system there will be snags and the requirement for a bit of handholding as the transition is made. We believe that this adjusted filing period of May 31, will allow employers, third party providers and individuals to fulfil their legal obligations,” shared Wayne Forde, Revenue Commissioner (ag).

“We recognise that taxpayers want to voluntarily comply with their taxable obligations and as an Authority, we stand committed to helping them do just that. Part of our ongoing efforts to assist taxpayers is through outreach and education activities and this Saturday, we will be hosting our first series of tax filing clinics.”

The clinics for April 27, 2019, will be at the Authority’s locations at the Treasury Building and Holetown in addition to the Resource Centres in Briar Hall, Christ Church; Deacons, St. Michael, Gall Hill, St. John, St. Mark’s, St Philip and Holy Innocents Church, St. Thomas. All tax clinics will be in operation at these locations from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.