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Press Releases

BRA Gives Tax Extension Until July 9

(Bridgetown, June 30, 2018) The Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) is granting a further extension until July 9, 2018 to corporate and business taxpayers for their June 2018 tax obligations.

This announcement was made by BRA Communications Officer, Erica Lazare, who explained that this move was made to afford more time to persons, especially tax agents, in utilising the BRA’s recently launched online, integrated Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS).

"Although the BRA is quite pleased with the over eight thousand registrations we received thus far in TAMIS, we made the decision to give an additional extension after engaging with our key stakeholders, the tax agents, who have the responsibility of registering, filing and making payments on behalf of thousands of their clients. They expressed the need for additional time to complete their clients' tax obligations in our new system," she asserted.

She added that employers, sole traders, corporations and business owners are therefore being urged by the Authority to ensure they take this opportunity to register in TAMIS in order to meet their tax deadlines.

The tax returns and related payments due by July 9 are: Corporation Tax, PAYE, Withholding Tax, Premium Tax, Value Added Tax, National Social Responsibility Levy and Excise Tax.