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Third-Party Filing Templates for 2023 Calendar Year

The templates utilised by employers, entities and persons are available to download for use in filing their respective third-party information during the 2023 calendar year. 

Third-party information providers are reminded to file online, all relevant statements for the reporting of amounts paid to or received by all resident persons during each income year. The deadline for 2022 income year returns is Tuesday, February 28, 2023

You can either file your third-party returns using the E-filing (webform) option or the Bulk filing option on the TAMIS website For Bulk E-filing, you are required to download and complete the relevant third-party Microsoft Excel template, then save and upload it when filing the corresponding return. 

 *If you require older 2018-2021 templates or would like some additional guidance on filing PAYE, click HERE.  

See templates to file third-party returns in the 2023 calendar year below: