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Emails on Outstanding Returns & Payments

As part of our ongoing strategy to enhance tax compliance and to update information for accuracy, we have issued a consolidated notification to taxpayers for outstanding filing and payment obligations in TAMIS.

The email shows outstanding returns for each tax type and tax period, as well as outstanding payment amounts for each tax type and tax period.

Please review the email thoroughly and take steps to settle any outstanding obligations.

If you have outstanding returns:

  • File the required returns in TAMIS

If you have outstanding payments:

  • Pay online in TAMIS with Visa/Mastercard or any BRA Payment Centre (Holetown, Pine, Bridge Street Mall or Oistins).


*If you dispute any of the details from this notice or any information in your TAMIS account, please:

  • Send an enquiry to TAMIS;
  • Call our Contact Centre at 429-ETAX(3829); or
  • Email

TAMIS will continue issue to issue automatic monthly reminders and late filing and payment notifications to assist you in complying with your tax obligations.