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Help & Resources

In this section you will find all the help and resources necessary to interact with the Barbados Revenue Authority.

What is the Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS)?
TAMIS is an online tax system created in June 2018 where persons & entities register to receive a 13 digit Tax Identification Number to file and pay their various taxes. See more background info on TAMIS here.

Need help with registering in TAMIS? You can click the following links for guidance:

  • Non-Individuals (company, charity, IBC, Trade Union, etc.)
  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook

Need help with filing your return in TAMIS? Click a link below for step by step guidance.

Before you file, always review your third-party information for accuracy. See how here.

  • Third-Party returns such as PAYE, Charities, Withholding Tax, Good & Services, Divided Income, Pension & Deductibles
  • Divided Income Tax (filed annually by Partnerships) - A template for filing is available here.
  • Corporate Income Tax - (filed annually by comapnies) - Capital Allowance and Wear & Tear Schedule required when filing. Download schedule HERE.
  • 2010-2017 Previous Year Returns - Unfiled returns from 2010 to 2017 should be filed in TAMIS.

Click here for directions on how to log in and reset your TAMIS password.