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BRA Collaborating With CRA

11/19/2021 01:10 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Press Releases

Building on a tradition of collaboration and sharing of best practices, the Barbados Revenue Authority (Authority) and the Canada Revenue Agency have been working together to enhance the Authority’s capacity in tax administration. The collaboration is part of the Authority’s policy decisions to engage with mature tax administrations to support capacity development efforts.

This technical assistance is being undertaken, together with internal training, involving the taxing statutes administered by the Authority. The revenue authorities have completed a knowledge-sharing event on the Exchange of Information and the role this tool plays in tackling tax avoidance while learning events on small and medium-sized enterprises and international and large business compliance, are ongoing.

The learning events have allowed the Authority to review its internal procedures and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of the taxes administered by the Authority, in order to improve compliance.