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TAMIS Step By Step Guide - Tax Re-Registration for an Individual

Step by step tax re-registration guide

10/19/2018 12:51 PM
Barbados Revenue Authority Announcements

With TAMIS, your national registration number is no longer your Tax Identification Number (TIN). In order to receive your new TIN, you're required to re-register online in TAMIS. Use these steps to submit your tax re-registration in TAMIS. Take note of the following items you need before you begin your re-registration:

  • Email address (You MUST have access to this email)
  • Current TIN or National Registration Number
  • Access to your ETAX account (previous filing website- in order to answer security question)
  • Bank account or credit union details
  • Tax agent or accountant TIN (optional)
  • Scanned copy or photo of your I.D. card or driver's licence (Max file size is 2MB) (OPTIONAL)

STEP 1 - Go to https://tamis.bra.gov.bb

STEP 2 - Click "Register Now" & follow directions to create your account

STEP 3 - You will receive an activation email. Click the link in the email

STEP 4 - An "Activation successful" message will appear and you will receive another email with your username e.g. janedoe1

STEP 5 - Log into the TAMIS website with our username (janedoe1) and password created at STEP 2

STEP 6 - Once logged in, you will need to complete three simple security questions 

STEP 7 - Click "OK" on the Account configuration page & then click "Register New Taxpayer"

STEP 8 - On the "Registration type" page choose "I am an authorised person or agent re-registering an individual taxpayer already registered in eTax or VETAS"

STEP 9 - On the "Personal Details" page, choose January 1, 2018 as your Commencement date. Complete the registration form and click "Submit Application"

STEP 10 - A "Confirmation" message will appear with your registration case reference Number e.g. REG5039. Once approved by the BRA, you will receive your newly required TIN via email & in your TAMIS tracker e.g. 1000546204773



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