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Joint Statement by BRA and BLA on Vehicle Registration Stickers

09/16/2020 11:18 AM
Barbados Revenue Authority Announcements

Following a suspension period due to the island’s COVID-19 measures, the issuance of registration stickers is currently ongoing via the Barbados Postal Service’s mail service.

As long as a road user’s insurance is up-to-date, road users who require a renewal of their vehicle registrations, will therefore receive their stickers by post. Therefore, you pay your insurance as usual and simply wait for it to be mailed to you via the postal service.

The postal service is being utilised to minimise the foot-traffic within the Barbados Revenue Authority’s offices in order to ensure the well-being of taxpayers and staff.

Please also note that the normal registration protocols for owners of commercial and public service vehicles remain the same.

We wish to thank the public for its patience and co-operation during this time.